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5 Signs that Your Nursing Pin should be Shining During the Night Shift

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During those years of attending nursing school, you have become accustom to staying up late studying. Now you have graduated, received your nursing pin and passed the NCLEX. Why not consider working the night shift since you are already wired to stay awake all night? Now not everyone is fit to work the night shift for long periods of time, but maybe you are. The long hours of going against the sleep-wake pattern that you’re body has gotten used to since you were a child can tire anyone out. Fortunately, there are plenty of careers that don’t require you to work nights at all – which isn’t exactly the case with nursing. But while there are many RN, LPN and CNA nurses who dislike working at night, there are also those who prefer or are much more suited to be night shift nurses.

Are you one of them? You could be if you recognize these 5 signs in you:

1. You like working with more autonomy.

The good thing about working at nights is that the big bosses aren’t usually around, so you get to have more freedom and autonomy. Doctors also usually do their rounds in the daytime, so it’s not that common to see them going around checking on patients at night. You have much more control over your task schedule during a night shift than you would during a day shift with managers possibly breathing down your back.

2. You usually have errands to run during day time.

If you’re a mother and your kids need you to be there for them in the mornings to take them to school or pick them up after, or if you simply have a lot of things to take care off while the sun is up, then having daytimes free would be very ideal for you.

3. You prefer a slower-paced shift.

The night shift at the hospital is significantly less busy and frenzied compared to day shifts. So if you’re the type of person who wants to work in a less busy environment, or if you’ve just graduated and prefer to take things slow at the beginning, then perhaps taking on the night shift could be just what you need.

4. You sleep better during the day.

There are certainly people who find that they sleep loads better during the day, and these people are usually a lot more active at night. Remember those nursing student days when you slept more during the day than at night? If you’re not really a morning person and would prefer to roll about in bed while everyone else is off to work, then it’s high time you consider making the move to night shift nursing.

5. You need the shift-differential pay.

Working at night entitles you to earn a shift differential pay, which in some institutions can be quite a significant amount. The nursing pin that you earned at nursing school graduation and that you wear on your uniform at work didn’t come at no cost, so new nurses who still have student loans to pay off can benefit from the shift differential pay they get when working at night.

If you recognize these 5 signs in you, then perhaps it would be more reasonable for you to try night shift nursing. Whatever your shift preference, though, there will always be that satisfaction of knowing that you’re chosen to embark on a career is dedicated to helping others. 


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