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5 Trending Non-Traditional Nursing Careers

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The health care industry has undergone plenty of changes in the past decade alone. As it becomes more specialized and, in a way, complex, nurses graduating from nursing school, earning their nursing pins and are branching out into careers that normally wouldn’t have been possible a few decades ago. Various nursing programs are now paving the way for nurses to walk their pinning ceremony and start careers in non-traditional set-ups outside the hospital.

If you’re one of those savvy nurses who are not interested in working in a hospital setting, or just simply want something different, check out these trending non-traditional nursing careers and find one that best suits you and your goals:

1. Legal (Consultation) Nursing

Degree you’ll need: ADN or BSN

This nursing specialty is perfect for organized and resourceful nurses who want to stay in the industry but need a change of pace and environment and want to find that beyond the patient’s bedside. A legal nurse is tasked with analyzing medical records for the legal team, and can work in HMOs, medical facilities, insurance companies, and even law firms where they can bring forth their nursing expertise to help out in legal cases.

2. Forensic Nursing

Degree you’ll need: BSN or MSN

While this career path can be emotionally difficult, it plays an important part in making sure that justice is served to criminals and is actually one of the fastest-growing careers among all occupations in the US. As a forensic nurse, you could find yourself documenting injuries, collecting evidence in the form of DNA and body bruises, conducting examinations, and counseling victims of assault, among other tasks. This can be a good fit for nurses who already found stability in their lives, and enjoy collecting information and as well as doing research.

3. Travel Nursing

Degree you’ll need: ADN or BSN

If you’re the type of nurse who can’t sit still, and make full use of long days off to go exploring parts of the country that you haven’t been to, then you might consider taking up a job post as a travel nurse. With the shortage of nurses working in clinics and hospitals all over the country, there’s short-term work available for those who want it. Travel nurses have the advantage of choosing where they want to work and for how long they want to – and these working packages often come with perks such as free housing for the duration of your contract.

4. Military Nursing

Degree you’ll need: BSN or MSN

Along with the honor of being one of those protecting the country, being a military nurse also opens the door for a variety of benefits that include travel, education, and career enhancement. Military nursing is the perfect career for those who are not only willing to be assigned to work in dangerous locations, but are genuinely interested in providing aid to people in various parts of the world.

5. Nursing Informatics Specialties

Degree you’ll need: BSN or MSN

Nursing informatics is a relatively new specialty, but is one that has grown by leaps and bounds along with the progress of technology. If you’re interested to work as a nurse programmer, or simply have a passion for anything related to technology, then this might just be the career you’ve been looking for.

Nowadays, nurses don’t necessarily need to be in the hospital in order to practice their profession. Wearing the nursing pin doesn’t automatically limit you to working in clinics, and there are non-traditional nursing roles for those who want to work beyond the four walls of the hospital. What’s your preferred nursing career?


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