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Why You Should Choose an Accredited Nursing Program

Every aspiring nurse's needs are different, so there's really no set standards that could fit everyone when choosing what nursing school to apply to. Some students may want to be near their families while studying, others may put more weight into the NCLEX passing rate of the school.There are several factors to consider before settling [...]

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Tips to survive nursing school and to earn your nursing pin

Nursing school might just be one of the toughest choices that a student can make, yet it can also be very fulfilling, particularly for those who’ve always dreamed of one day becoming a nurse and earning your nursing pin. The rigorous training is no joke, and you’d have to be very good at studying in [...]

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NCLEX Study Plan to Earn Your Nursing Pin

Everyone hoping to get a nursing pin and become an RN registered nurse in the US must first pass the NCLEX. Designed to test a nursing school graduate’s knowledge and skills, the NCLEX is a sit-down, computer-based exam that may take up to 6 hours to complete – although it doesn’t necessarily have to be [...]

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​Nurses’ Pinning Ceremony 101

Although a lot of nursing traditions have been lost over time, the pinning ceremony survived. Today, it remains to be one of the most significant points in a nursing student’s road to becoming a licensed nurse. Considered to be a more traditional and personal induction into the field of nursing rather than the actual graduation [...]

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​How to Choose a Nursing School

How to Choose a Nursing SchoolChoosing a nursing school really depends on what factors you consider as priorities when it comes to the school that you'd like to enroll in. Different students have different views on what these priorities are. In order to help you out, check out these eight considerations that are important when [...]

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Qualities that benefit every nurse

The nursing profession has been around for quite some time, yet to this day and age, it continues to evolve. The standard of care might has improved significantly than from when the very first nurses attended to the sick. Nevertheless, the work that nurses do still fall under the unglamorous category, however it can definitely [...]

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Six signs you are meant to wear a Nursing Pin

Nursing is both a profession and a calling – there's just something there that calls to specific individuals. Wearing a nursing pin is a big deal.  While the decision to take up nursing can be quite easy for some, there are still those who are skeptical if such a profession is the best fit for [...]

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​NCLEX Tips for Exam Day

All those years of studying and hospital exposure have come to this: the NCLEX Examination. It's the last greatest hurdle towards finally earning that nursing license, so saying it's daunting is right on point. But as long as you've prepared thoroughly for it by paying attention in class and in the hospital setting, as well [...]

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4 Reasons to Get a Nursing Pin

Much like how military officers wear their badges proudly on their uniforms, the nursing pin is the nurse's equivalent. Not everyone might now exactly what the nursing pin is for and why it is worn in the first place, though, and quite a handful of nurses might not even care enough to get one even [...]

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Upgrading your degree and nursing pin from LPN to RN

Becoming an Licensed Practical Nurse LPN is an exciting accomplishment. Graduating and receiving your nursing pin at the graduation pinning ceremony is a big deal. Lots of studying, clinical rounds and hours of nursing school lectures are behind you. It’s time to start working in this exciting nursing career.Maybe not so fast [...]

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