Posted by NursingPin on 13th Feb 2017

How to Manage Stress in Nursing School

Stress in nursing school is a given. What does this mean on your road to a graduation nursing pin? Well, it means that nursing as an academic course and as a career is stressful by nature. You deal wi …

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Posted by NursingPin on 9th Feb 2017

What My Nursing Pin Means to Me

It was the dead of night and my eyes were bleary.The hours were already long, but at 3am the minutes seemed to turn at a painstakingly slow pace, and it took every ounce of energy for me to stay awake …

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Posted by NursingPin on 11th Dec 2016

Nursing Pins, Nurse Jewelry and other Gift Ideas

December is fast approaching, and if you’ve always been a fan of giving Christmas gifts, then you should already be starting your Christmas shopping around this time. If you find yourself stuck in a r …

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Posted by NursingPin on 9th Dec 2016

Perks for Nurses Working During the Holidays

You studied unless hours in nursing school, graduated, walked your pinning ceremony, conquered the NCLEX and received your nursing pin. Now it’s time to get a job! While some opportunities will be t …

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