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5 Signs that Your Nursing Pin should be Shining During the Night Shift

During those years of attending nursing school, you have become accustom to staying up late studying. Now you have graduated, received your nursing pin and passed the NCLEX. Why not consider working the night shift since you are already wired to stay awake all night? Now not everyone is fit to work [...]

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Benefits of Earning Your MSN Nursing Pin

Nursing is a great profession and you should be proud of your hard work and the nursing pin that you earned. Not only does nursing allow you to have interactions with people, it also gives opportunities to help them indirectly through the creation of health programs that will help them in achieving good health and [...]

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Graduating with your CRNA Nursing Pin and Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist

Graduating with your CRNA Nursing Pin is a big deal! It’s a nursing pin and degree that is in very high demand. Nurse anesthetists are essentially nurses who administer anesthesia and its related care in a variety of healthcare facilities. Their responsibilities involve pre-anesthetic preparation to preanesthetic functions, and can be done in [...]

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How to Become a Nurse Midwife

Registered nurses who have graduated, received their nursing pin, and are interested in pregnancy in all its stages can opt to become a certified nurse midwife or CNM. Essentially, a CNM is an advanced care RN who provides nursing care and counseling to expectant mothers before, during, and sometimes after pregnancy. They also give primary [...]

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Graduating with Your Nursing Pin and Becoming an Oncology Nurse

Oncology nursing sees to the care of patients diagnosed with cancer, and it can be quite challenging, particularly when caring for those in the end-stages of the disease. Oncology nurses go beyond direct patient care, and they collaborate very closely with various members of the healthcare team in order to ensure that the highest [...]

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6 Essential Qualities of a Nurse Educator

Nurses and teachers share similar qualities that make them effective in their respective fields. Often nurturers by nature, both professions tend to attract those who enjoy being of service to other people. This is the reason why transitioning from a nursing job to a teaching one might be quite comfortable for many people, and with [...]

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Graduating with your Nursing Pin and becoming a Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric nursing specializes in mental health, but there’s definitely more to it than just caring for mentally-ill patients. Also known as Mental Health Nurses, psychiatric nurses provide education, care, and therapy to patients with behavioral problems, and mental health and psychiatric disorders. It takes a certain level of experience to work well with patients with [...]

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What You Need to Know About Trauma Nursing

Trauma nursing is a stressful job that not everyone is cut out for. You’d have to be able to think clearly on your feet and act quickly in emergency situations – all while being able to cope with the stress that ultimately comes with such a fast-paced job. Trauma nurses typically respond to life-threatening and [...]

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Steps To Get Your Nurse Practitioner NP Nursing Pin

Nurse practitioners have the advantage of being able to work independently owing to their advanced nursing training and graduate-level degree. Essentially, they are steps higher than registered nurses, and can do tasks that RNs aren’t licensed to perform. Often, they are hired by hospitals and clinics to provide services and support to individual doctors or [...]

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Graduating with Your Nursing Pin and Becoming a School Nurse

School nurses have been around since the 1800s. Back then, they were assigned to schools in order to identify children who were sick with communicable diseases and place them under quarantine. Nowadays, school nurses do so much more than that. Not only do they care for sick and injured students, they also work closely with [...]

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