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​The First Year After Passing the NCLEX and Receiving Your Nursing Pin

Nursing school was stressful with a rigorous study and training schedule. Reviewing for the NCLEX gave you a lot of pressure. The days leading up to your NCLEX schedule was filled with anxiety – until you finally see the passing result on your screen. Congratulations! You are no longer a nursing student. You have your [...]

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Finding the Perfect Nursing Job with Nurse Recruiters

If your nursing pin has been gathering dust in your room because you haven’t found a nursing position yet, perhaps it’s time to call in the nurse recruiter.A nurse recruiter, in a nutshell, is a person whose goal is to have a pool of nurses who are in good standing and health that they can [...]

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Why You Should Consider Being a Travel Nurse

In recent years, the healthcare industry has become more open to the concept of travel nursing. In fact, travel nurses have now become a vital component of the healthcare industry today. Essentially, these nurses fill in nursing positions during shortages at clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities with assignments lasting anywhere between eight to fourteen [...]

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​5 Survival Tips for the First Day of Your First Nursing Job

Your journey through nursing school has finally ended, you are no longer a nursing student, the graduation pinning ceremony is over, and you have your well-deserved nursing pin to prove it. The review sessions have paid off after you passed the NCLEX licensure examination, and now here you finally are, standing at the very beginning [...]

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How Technology is Changing the Nursing Profession

It’s hard to imagine a world without the internet, let alone without all the conveniences that we now take for granted as part of our day to day lives. Technology is just about everywhere in our modern world – even in healthcare. So it’s not all that surprising to know that it’s being utilized by [...]

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Job Interview Tips for New Nurses

After finally graduating from nursing school, passing the NCLEX, receiving your nursing pin upon graduation and achieving RN status by passing the state boards, it’s now time to tackle another challenge in your nursing career: to actually get a job as a nurse. There are plenty of opportunities for nurses in various fields but as [...]

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How to Write Your Nursing Resume

Recruiters often have to go through a ton of nurse resumes in any given day, so they can’t really be expected read every application they receive down to every letter (although they really should). Many students graduate nursing school every year, earn their nursing pin, walk their pinning ceremony and pass the NCLEX.  Hence, when [...]

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6 Surprising Areas Where Registered Nurses Can Work

Registered nurses work in a wide variety of settings, although it is more commonly thought that they work primarily in hospitals and clinics. While that might be true, there are also other exciting work environments that require the skills of a registered nurse. After graduating from nursing school, walking in your pinning ceremony and passing [...]

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An Introduction to Travel Nursing

If you’re looking to continue your nursing practice AND see the world, then travel nursing may just be the right fit for you. Perfect for those who have graduated, received their nursing pin and have adventure in their blood.  It’s one of the more exciting job options for registered nurses, and certainly has its share [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts When Applying to Nursing School

Nursing is a great career for people who not only like helping others, but also enjoy science and learning. It's a career where you wear your graduation nursing pin proudly!  As nurses, you will be exposed to a lot of different scenarios on a daily basis, and will meet and communicate with patients from all [...]

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