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After the Nursing Pin - 5 Tips for Passing the NCLEX

The NCLEX is one of the most important exams in the life of a graduating nursing student. Taken after graduating from nursing school and acquiring your school nursing pin, it is a computer-based exam designed to test the knowledge and skills learned from nursing school. Successful takers earn the license to practice nursing as a [...]

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Advantages to Earning Your Registered Nurse RN Nursing Pin

Nursing as a profession is pretty dynamic, and nursing pins that signify the specializations that did not even exist 10 years back may already be considered quite stable career options today. When it comes to choosing what path in nursing you’d want to immerse yourself in and do for the rest of your career, the [...]

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Nurse Pinning Ceremony: What It Means

The Pinning Ceremony is a long-standing tradition for nurses all over the world. Considered separate from the usual college graduation, it is a more personal event that signifies the end of the years of toil in nursing school and getting ready to tackle the NCLEX. It’s sort of like an unofficial welcome into the nursing [...]

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​7 Study Tips to Help You Through Nursing School

Nursing school may take some students by surprise, especially if they came in without preparation and without knowing what to expect. As a nursing student, studying a wide range of subjects via very thick and heavy books is the norm, as you are expected to study up on a massive amount of information deemed crucial [...]

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4 Things They Didn't Tell You About Nursing School

Nursing school might be hard to get into, but it's the life that you'll be leading after you do get in that's the real challenge. It's a given that nursing school is hard, but it's a necessary hardship that you have to go through in order to become a licensed nurse that anyone can be [...]

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​How to Spot a Nurse Out of Uniform

Nurses are pretty easy to spot when they're wearing their hospital uniforms, nursing pins and all the accessories that go with it, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible finding them in casual clothes, either. Given the long and busy years of studying just to get licensed and registered, there are skills and experiences that [...]

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​Part-time Jobs You Can Do While in Nursing School

Let's face it – nursing schools can be pretty expensive. While it's quite common for university students to take on part-time jobs to support their tertiary education, it's something that you'll need to consider thoroughly when you're attending or about to attend nursing school. The heavy study load, as well as the stressful hours at [...]

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All About Nursing Pin Symbols

There’s definitely a lot more to the nursing pin than just mere accessories to your nursing uniform, whatever type of nursing uniform you may be wearing. It lets your patients know what role you play in their health care, plus, a nursing pin also signifies the sweat and tears that you’ve experienced throughout nursing school [...]

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How to Spot a Nursing Student

There are people who just have that innate ability to identify personalities, sometimes even occupations, simply based on observation. Then again, it’s a lot easier to determine what profession someone is a part of if that someone wears a uniform. For nurses, however, it can be a bit tricky considering scrubs are worn not only [...]

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Some of your nursing career options

Nursing as a profession has indeed evolved from when Florence Nightingale first did her rounds with her trusty lamp to check on her patients at night. The profession is so dynamic, and so varied that it might sometimes be hard to take in. But when you've had your heart set to nursing from the very [...]

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