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Earn Your Nursing Pin Now For These Top Jobs!

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Get your nursing pin now! The possibilities are endless! Five years from now, more nurses will be retiring. Those nurses who belong to the baby boomer age born between 1946 and 1964 and are already in their 60s today will add to the statistics of retired nurses in the world. Nursing jobs will be in demand all over the world. Most of the retiring workforce come from the academe and the nursing administration--- the nurse educators and the nurse managers. Yes, there will be greater need of nursing faculty, nurse administrators and nurse managers who are qualified, with masters degree and doctorate degrees. These nurses will have greater role in producing more nurses who are competent and compassionate and are ready to fill in the job positions available in various settings.

Since mostly the retiring workforce are either academicians or nurse leaders in the clinical areas and public health, it is important to note that careers may center more on the replacement of aging and retiring nurse managers with independent, critical thinking nurses who have leadership potentials.

However, before you get to practice the managerial roles, you will need to experience nursing practice in various fields of nursing where you can develop your skills and become an expert in your chosen field. You will need to bring into the academe and/or the nursing administration role a certain expertise that you have in specialty units, advanced nursing practice, nursing research, or nursing education. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that nurses generally will see a 19% increase in demand by 2022.

Here are the top 10 promising career fields in nursing that you can choose to pursue after you earn your nursing pin, nursing diploma, pass the NCLEX and your RN license:


Job demand in this field will increase by 31% by 2022.

Nurse Researcher

The demand for all research scientists will increase by 26% by 2022.

Nurse Practitioner

This field will see growth of at least 25% by 2022.

Nurse Anesthetist

This field will grow by 22% in 2022.

Psychiatric Nurse

Job growth will be over 20% by 2022 in this profession.

Oncology Nurse

The demand in this field will continue to be strong as the population have longer lifespan and medical breakthroughs that provided better treatments for cancer patients. At least 20% job growth is expected by 2022

Geriatric Nurse

As the geriatric population continues to grow all over the world, we expect to see that this career field will have a very rapid growth in the coming years. The expected job growth is at least 20% by 2022.

Clinical Nurse

This field will grow by 20% in 2022.

Trauma Nurse

We will see at least 20% growth in this field by 2022.

Nurse Educator

This field should grow by 19% in 2022, which is much faster than average.

You must be able to acquire significant experience either in the ambulatory clinics, hospitals, psychiatric institutions or the community before you can practice as nurse manager, nurse educator or nursing faculty. Your responsibilities will begin from entry-level novice practitioner and progress through the years to a doctoral-level expert educator, leader, manager, or nurse researcher.

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