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Graduating with Your Nursing Pin and Becoming a School Nurse

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School nurses have been around since the 1800s. Back then, they were assigned to schools in order to identify children who were sick with communicable diseases and place them under quarantine. Nowadays, school nurses do so much more than that. Not only do they care for sick and injured students, they also work closely with the administration and play an important role in curriculum development.

Here are 5 reasons why you should become a school nurse.

1. Working with kids.

If you love being around kids and being a nurse at the same time, then being a school nurse is the right job for you. It’s a different field altogether, particularly if you compare school nursing with hospital nursing, but there’s the advantage of being surrounded by young people with all their exuberant energy.

2. Hours are flexible.

The standard working hours for most nurses is, well, not really standard at all. Shifting schedules, working at night – these are expected for nurses who work in hospitals. With school nursing, however, you get to keep the standard working hours that most of the day-working population has. Not only that, the hours are pretty flexible, as there aren’t really patients to monitor and care for regularly at the school clinic compared to the wards in hospitals. This is one of the biggest draws of becoming a school nurse.

3. Summer vacation.

Who doesn’t want to stay home or go traveling during summer? As a school nurse, you’ll get to have the summer off along with the rest of the school kids. Unless, of course, you take in extra schedules during summer, or sign up for more work during this school break to work on other administrative concerns that are the responsibility of a school nurse.

4. Extra responsibilities.

School nurses don’t just sit in their clinics all day and wait for any student to come with an ailment. Being responsible for the health status of the entire student population, they do tasks that will ensure that everyone can stay healthy. They administer medication and vaccine, deliver emergency care when necessary, make referrals when applicable, and even manage insulin pumps and check the blood sugar levels of those afflicted with diabetes. They also provide counselling for pregnant teens, and conduct drug assessments on those students who are under suspicion of being under the influence. They also work with school administrators to come up with a curriculum that best fits the student’s pace and development for maximum learning at school, and provide first aid classes to teachers. In summary, school nurses do a lot.

5. Dwindling population.

This area of nursing isn’t as popular as, say, emergency nursing. What this translates to is an abundance of opportunities. Considering the dwindling population of school nurses, you’d have no trouble landing a post as a school nurse as you would in more in demand nursing specialties.

School nursing is so much more than just sitting in the school clinic in a nursing uniform and nursing pin and allowing children faking headaches to miss their math exams. It’s a less popular area of nursing that contributes to both learning and community health. 


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