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How to Manage Stress in Nursing School

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Stress in nursing school is a given. What does this mean on your road to a graduation nursing pin? Well, it means that nursing as an academic course and as a career is stressful by nature. You deal with countless stressors as a student nurse and you will definitely be dealing with stressful situations when you finally obtain your license to practice nursing. You better manage your stress in nursing school properly and in a healthy way or else you won’t even get to march in the Pinning Ceremony or worse you won’t get to the peak of your career and find your self-actualized YOU.

So here are eight simple tips you can do to manage stress in nursing school.

  1. Find out your stressors. List them down. Is it an exam? Is it your teacher? Do you have too many requirements? Are you experiencing financial difficulty? Do you have too many responsibilities on your shoulder?
  2. Know your stress responses. What usually happens when you are stressed out? Do you have dermatological problems? Do you experience respiratory illness? Does your blood sugar shoot up? Do you get to experience hyperacidity and peptic ulcer disease?
  3. Use stress management strategies. Once you have pinned down your stressors and your stress responses, think of ways you can deal with your stress the healthy way. Some stress management techniques include relaxation activities such as getting a massage, going for a short walk, sleeping, and yoga. Another strategy is to eliminate the stressor. If it cannot be eliminated, then deal with it. For example, if your stressor is an upcoming exam, then do not wait one day before the exam to start studying. Schedule your study time and if you can study with a friend or two, then they might be able to help you. Other stress management strategies include good time management, self-management, eating adequately and healthy foods on time, sleeping eight hours, and meditation or prayer.
  4. Avoid unnecessary stress by learning to say “no.” Do not take more than you can handle. Do not engage in too many activities at school. Some activities will only be distractions to your mail goal. Choose the appropriate activities you can be part of. Make sure that you do not add up stress to your academics by joining extra-curricular activities.
  5. Limit the time you spend with people who are your stressors. Walk away from bad influences and from those who typically irritate you. If it is impossible for you to completely stay away from that person, just limit your interaction with them. Do not focus on their negative sides.
  6. Alter your environment to make it less stressful. Sometimes, rearranging stuff on your study table to make it more pleasing and relaxing to the eyes can help you deal with stress.
  7. Avoid conversations that make your blood boil. If politics makes your blood pressure shoot up, do not talk about it.
  8. List down your things to do and prioritize those that are necessary. Those that can wait or may be eliminated, don’t burden yourself trying to do them.

Taking care of patients from all walks of life and from varying ages means you will be dealing with their own stress, health problems and concerns. So even though you know very well that nursing is stressful, you are still determined to wear the nursing pin and explore your career opportunities in the various nursing fields out there. Well, that doesn’t mean you lose yourself in caring for others. 

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