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Juggling Nursing School and Family Life

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Finding a balance between nursing school – whether for a BSN or an advanced degree – and your personal life can be quite difficult. It’s all the more so for those who already have families to take care of, particularly younger children who need their parents’ constant presence and guidance. However, being able to go back to school to pursue your dream nursing degree and get your nursing pin is definitely possible.

Here are some tips to effectively juggle nursing school and family life:

1. Don’t expect it to be a walk in the park.

A lot of those who go back to nursing school after starting a family are often taken aback by the amount of workload they are expected to undertake. So before you even begin to seriously think about going back to school to either earn a nursing pin or obtain and advanced nursing degree, condition yourself to thinking that it would not be easy. That way, you won’t go back to school only to feel overwhelmed a week later at all the school work you have to balance along with your responsibilities to your family.

2. Organize your home space.

Your road to graduation and a shot at a flourishing nursing career

Set up a place in your home dedicated to your studies, whether a desk in a home office or a card table and chair in the living room. Use it to house your computer, books, supplies and other materials essential to your nursing studies. Knowing you have a space reserved just for school work will improve your mindset…and your chances for nursing career success.

3. Bend your living standards.

Nursing school, whether for a bachelor’s degree or an advanced one, requires some compromise. And this includes your daily living standards. While housekeeping and family meals might have taken a huge chunk of your time before going back to school, you’ll definitely need to cut some corners on them this time around as you find yourself with far less free time on your hands to accomplish them. There are ways to still keep the house neat and tidy without having to spend hours dusting every single piece of furniture in the living room, and your kids can definitely stay healthy with well-planned meals that can be cooked in a slow cooker while you’re finishing your assignments.

4. Allow your family to help you out.

The saying “No man is an island” definitely applies to nursing student parents. Let your spouse take over some of the household chores, or have him take the kids out for an afternoon at the park or a trip to the cinemas to keep them entertained for a few hours while you get some studying done. You can also enlist the help of your parents and parents-in-law to babysit your children when neither you nor your husband or wife can do so because of school and work commitments. You’ll need all the help that you can get to get through your nursing course and still keep the family together and happy. Just don’t forget to spend time with them when you can, as well.

5. Find creative outlets for stress.

Getting that nursing pin at the end of your course is important, but your health should always come first. When you find yourself almost overwhelmed with stress, take some time off for fun with your family to give yourself some time to recharge.

Working towards a degree in nursing, advanced or otherwise, is definitely a challenge that will require solid determination and persistence, especially for those who already have families to care for. But with the support of those around you, as well as your hard work and perseverance, it can definitely be a liberating experience that can lead to fulfilling career rewards at the end of the nursing education journey.  You will do great in nursing school.  You will be a star nursing student.  You will walk your graduation pinning ceremony and earn your nursing pin.  You will pass the NCLEX and be on your way to the nursing career of your dreams!


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