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​Nursing Specialties Projecting High Demand in the Future

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The field of nursing has in recent years experienced a boom, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics stating that the demand for nurses will soar by at least 26% by the year 2020 in the United States. What this means for nurses and those who are planning to go to nursing school and graduate with their nursing pin, is that the demand will outweigh the supply, which translates to more available work with good salaries.

And it doesn’t stop there. Special areas in nursing have also been identified to expect an even greater demand in the coming years. Below are four of the nursing specialties that are projected to experience an even greater boom in the future:

1. Certified Nurse Midwife

Being a certified nurse midwife will have you working closely with OB-Gyn clinics or offices as you are expected to be able to deliver babies, provide healthcare to your female patients, and educate parents about family education and pre- and post-natal care. This specialty of nursing is expected to grow by almost 30% every year for the next 5 to 7 years, which makes it one of the country’s fastest-growing occupations.

2. Certified Dialysis Nurse

Most of the work done by a certified dialysis nurse is routine, as there are pre-determined and specific guidelines that they would just have to follow for patient care and dialysis. However, the challenge lies in helping patients come to terms with the reality of their needs, and creativity is often required in order to make them feel satisfied with the level of care that they are getting. Most nurses who work in the renal department often enjoy a 9 to 5 working schedule, making this a specialty that can be highly coveted by new nurses looking to have daytime working hours.

3. Certified Nurse Anesthetist

This is one of the highest paid specialties in nursing – and with good reason. The demand for safety is higher for nurse anesthetists, who are themselves highly specialized nurses tasked with evaluating patients who are about to undergo surgery thoroughly during the pre-, intra-, and post-operation phase. To be a nurse anesthetist, you would have to earn an advanced degree, as well as pass the National Certification Examination for anesthesia.

4. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

This field of nursing is expected to continue its growth over the coming years as the country becomes increasingly aware of just how complex mental health is. Working in this field along with a psychiatric doctor will most likely require you to obtain a specialty degree, but it will definitely be well worth the effort as this area of specialization is also one of the better compensated in terms of salary.

Whether you’re already a registered nurse, or are currently attending nursing school, passing the NCLEX and working towards earning that nursing pin, the future in your career definitely looks bright. A highly productive and rewarding nursing career is in the horizon, particularly if you opt to specialize in the areas that are projected to have a continuously increasing demand in the coming years.


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