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Increasing Success Potential and Earn Your BSN Nursing Pin

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There are academic factors and nonacademic factors that are predictors of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) success and getting your nursing pin. Some of these academic factors that can predict your success in nursing school are your grades in nursing major courses or subjects such as medical-surgical nursing, pathophysiology, fundamentals in nursing, pharmacology, leadership and management, nursing research, nursing informatics and maternal and child health nursing or pediatrics nursing. Your senior high grades in science courses such as anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and physics are also important. Nonacademic factors that can help you get your BSN diploma, earn your BSN Nursing Pin and march in the Pinning Ceremony are test anxiety and attitudes toward your exams.

Knowing both the factors that may influence your future success in nursing, will help you maximize your potential for success and get you wearing that shiny shimmery nursing pin when you finally practice nursing. However, merely knowing these factors is not enough to ensure your success as a professional nurse. You need to objectively plan strategies that will increase your potential for BSN success. Here are some tips:

  • Try to perform relaxation exercises every time you are anxious about an exam. Try 30 repetitions of 4-second inhalations followed by exhalations lasting 8 seconds for an optimal effect on a regular basis even during and after you are done taking your nursing exam. Deep breathing exercises usually ease tense muscles and decrease your level of anxiety. Try also some shoulder-stretching exercises to help relax your back muscles. Visualize yourself taking the examination. Schedule yoga in your monthly routines. At least once a week, meditate and get into the habit of thinking positive. Then go back to reality. Have you prepared enough? Did you study? Remember, have faith in yourself.
  1. Deep Breathing Exercises
  2. Guided Imagery
  3. Yoga
  4. Meditation and Prayer
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), the first form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), founded by the American psychologist Albert Ellis, can be used to improve your perceptions of your ability to make it in exams. The personal perception of ability to pass an exam is another nonacademic factor that has been identified by research studies to influence NCLEX-RN success which I think can also be used to influence BSN success.

How is this done? First, you must understand that cognition or thinking, emotion or feelings, and behavior or actions are interconnected. Irrational thoughts like “I can’t answer this question…I will surely fail this exam…I will fail nursing school…I will not become a nurse…I’m not a good nursing student…” can lead to negative feelings like increasing test anxiety, nervousness, overwhelming sadness and worthlessness. These emotions can affect your behavior towards your nursing examinations. Second, do self-talk and stop your own irrational thoughts so it can change those negative feelings. REBT makes use of cognitive restructuring where you have to stop thinking negatively and prevent negative thoughts from progressing, immediately replacing them with positive thoughts. Performance on your exams can improve with this kind of thinking process.

Successful student nurses practice thought-stopping and self-affirmation. Try thought-stopping techniques every time you have a negative thought and do affirmation by thinking about the positive things happening in your life. They get through nursing school, pass the NCLEX and receive there nursing pin. Think about your objectives: to graduate with a BSN diploma, obtain the nursing pin, get licensed to practice nursing, and choose a promising nursing career.

BSN Nursing Pin

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