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Tips on Handling a Nursing Career and New Parenthood

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You have graduated from nursing school, walked your pinning ceremony, received your nursing pin and passed the NCLEX.  Now it's time to start your nursing career, your life and often your family.  Nursing is a demanding profession, overall, with some professions considered to be even more challenging than others. And it can generally be pretty inflexible, particularly with schedules. As such, it might be difficult to continue with a blossoming nursing career once you become a parent, but it is definitely not impossible.

Here are some tips that can help:

1. Involve your partner.

Your partner’s support will be very vital as you try to adjust to your new role as a parent while maintaining a nursing career. They will be your pillar of support through it all, so involve them in every decision, particularly when drawing a schedule that you both can work on. Also, find reliable childcare options early on so you won’t have anything to worry about once you go back to work.

2. Check out available options at your workplace.

Nursing is a multi-faced job, and quite in-demand in many settings. Chances are, your supervisor won’t be willing to let you go anytime soon for fear of becoming short-staffed, so discuss your situation and lay down your cards. Who knows, you might be allowed to continue with your job at a more flexible schedule as you adjust to the addition of a new family member. If not, then there are always job openings available in other fields of nursing, and you may find yourself attracted to stay-at-home nursing jobs that can leave you with more time to spend with your baby.

3. Prioritize.

With a baby at home, and a fully demanding job to return to, there will be plenty of need to prioritize certain aspects in your life. If going out every after shift was something you did prior to starting a family, you may need to cut back on that in order to spend time with your baby, and still have ample rest to do your job efficiently the next day.  Many nurses are even able to prioritize their time to where they can again become nursing students and go back for advanced nursing degrees.

4. Find time for yourself.

In the first few months of being back at work, it might not be easy to find time for yourself, what with having to manage your workload and taking care of your baby at home. But it is this demanding schedule that makes it all the more important for you to find time to recharge. Have your spouse or partner take over watching the baby for a couple of hours while you go out to exercise or grab a cake and a cup of coffee nearby. Or meet up with friends who are also working parents so you can swap tips and feel less like you’re all alone in this juggling journey. Always remember that the beginning is the hardest, but that it will get easier over time, especially as your baby grows older.

There’s no need to stop working in the health care industry altogether once you have a baby, and you can definitely continue to wear your nursing pin even when you’ve started on the journey called parenthood. In fact, having a baby can even make you want to work harder and accomplish more at work in order to better provide for your child. The key is to find the right balance. Finding the right balance between your personal life and work is vital to any career. 


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